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Truth2Lies Origins

Truth2Lies training was created after many years of real-world investigative and interviewing experience. The techniques yielded incredible results, including more confessions, more cases solved, and less time needed for each case. In fact, they worked so well the requests for case assistance and training continued to grow. Now, training and assisting investigators is all we do.

Solving cases is still our passion.

Discovering the hidden latent information in the words is always a thrill.

Teaching others how to use these techniques is what we love to do!

Truth2Lies training goes beyond the others. We have been in your shoes and we know what good training is and what it’s not. Our training blends concepts from several investigative and interviewing methodologies, along with our own. We deliver the best training possible in a fun and engaging setting.

Most of all, our training techniques are easy to use as soon as you leave the classroom!

No one else teaches these concepts like we do and delivers as much information.

We can give you the edge in whatever you do. It is the best feeling knowing your expertise made a difference in:

  • Solving a case
  • Identifying a problem job applicant before they were hired
  • Exposing a false claim
  • Recognizing what a client or business associate was hiding from you
  • Identifying a valid threat
  • Saving a life

And much more…

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Meet Steve Johnson,

Managing Partner and Lead Trainer:

What I love most about what I do is helping criminal investigators solve cases. That includes clearing suspects that are actually innocent as well as convicting the guilty. During my 28-year police career, I spent most of my time in a detective capacity. I was part of an elite callout team that responded to all the major incidents in our city. I became an expert interviewer and was awarded the Medal of Excellence.

During my career, I obtained several certifications, but there are three that shaped what I do; Certified Voice Stress Analyst (lie detection), Certified Statement Analyst, and Certified Forensic Handwriting Analyst.

As a Certified Statement Analyst, I have expertise in identifying deception, latent content (which is information hiding in plain sight), and the psychological profile in verbal and written statements.

As a Certified Forensic Handwriting Analyst, I became proficient in detecting deception, mental illness, drug use, sex abuse, violence & perpetrator potential, personality traits, and more. I found this went hand in hand with the Statement Content Analysis and it became a type of checks and balances system.

By utilizing the Voice Stress Analysis, I saw firsthand how a person’s brain reacted to deception. I also saw how they used their words to avoid the stress of telling an outright lie during the interview. Combining my training and experience resulted in the highly effective techniques I now teach as Statement Profiling. I found that the Statement Profiling techniques were very accurate and provided much more information than either the polygraph or the voice stress analysis could provide.

Profiling what people said or wrote, provided the answers investigators traditionally sought through their interviews and investigations. It was a paradigm shift from the traditional investigative interviewing methods still used by most investigators today. This improved method became the focus of my career.

The effectiveness of these techniques has been proven in hundreds of interviews and investigations, including anonymous author, homicide, suicide, arson, robbery, fraud, forgery, theft, threats, kidnapping, sex crimes, hate crimes, elder abuse, domestic violence, threat assessment, hiring and internal investigations.

As a bonus, understanding these principles has created a paradigm shift in my personal life too! Recognizing the power of words has changed the way I speak and the way I listen to what others have to say.

Everyone needs this training. It can be applied in a wide variety of life situations and give you a definite edge!

Truth2Lies training is now offered in-person and online.

You too can elevate your professional and personal life. 

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