Truth2Lies Training

Truth2Lies training is exciting and goes beyond the others. We have been in your shoes and we deliver top tier training, the way it should be.

Truth2Lies training was created after many years of real-world investigative and interviewing experience. We are passionate about delivering the best training possible in an enthusiastic and engaging setting.

Our training techniques are easy to use and most of all, they flat out work!  Use them as soon as you leave the classroom!

No one else teaches these concepts like we do.  Check out our reviews - hundreds have rated our courses as the best training of their career.

If you are seeking the Truth, you are in the right place!



The investigative skills I have learned from Truth2Lies far surpasses any other training I have received. The ability to apply each of the skills directly to cases is invaluable and has helped me analyze difficult cold cases. I only wish I would have taken these courses earlier. I highly recommend Truth2Lies for anyone in law enforcement, case analysis, or human resources.

K. Robinson

This training is the best law enforcement related training I have attended in my 21 years of police work. It should be required training! Any person wanting to pursue a detective position must take this training, however it can be used at any level and in all assignments. I have used the skills many times in basic patrol investigations and even in my current traffic assignment. Steve Johnson does an excellent job of teaching how to apply the techniques of this invaluable skill of detecting deception and profiling.

Officer G. Pearsall