Truth2Lies training is exciting and goes beyond the others. We have been in your shoes and we deliver top tier training, the way it should be.

Truth2Lies training was created after many years of real-world investigative and interviewing experience. We are passionate about delivering the best training possible.

Our training techniques are easy to use and most of all, they flat out work!  Use them as soon as you leave the classroom!

No one else teaches these concepts like we do.  Check out our reviews - hundreds have rated our courses as the best training of their career.

If you are seeking the Truth, you are in the right place!

Truth2Lies classes are CFE and POST approved in multiple states.



Truth2Lies courses are dynamic, effective and packed with the game changing information to make you an exceptional investigator and interviewer! 

We'll teach you how to get inside the mind like no one else.  We'll teach you how to get to the critical information beneath the surface of what you are being told.  It is a guaranteed eye opener and one of the best classes you will ever attend!

The Getting to the Truth class qualifies for CFE and POST credit!


  • This is an exceptional class. Going into my 35th year in LE, I wish I had this much earlier! This is amazing training for all levels of LE, from beat cops to investigators to supervisors and command staff.
  • Get ready to rethink everything you know about interviewing and obtaining statements. Steve simplifies both in an easy to understand format ready to go the day you finish class. The best money you'll spend on training this year!
  • There is an ocean of training classes to pick from, but very few have been case level helpful and teach a skill you can immediately use.¬† Truth2Lies Training nailed it!
  • This was a truly exceptional class.¬† I'd say it's one of the very few that I've taken in the past decade where I walked away with usable knowledge.¬† This class reinvigorated my love for the job.

The Truth2Lies Training class,¬†Getting to The Truth, is 3-days of exciting and effective training that seasoned investigators rate as the¬†‚ÄúBest and most effective training of my career.‚Ä̬†The cutting-edge techniques we teach are extremely effective and¬†sought out by investigators, crime intelligence analysts, polygraphists, and even criminal psychologists from the United States and UK.


If you want to Get to The Truth, you need to understand how to get to the critical information beneath the surface of what you are being told.  This class will teach you how to do that and it is a guaranteed eye opener!  In fact, it is a paradigm shift from the traditional investigative interviewing that is still being taught elsewhere. Whether on the street, the road or in the interview room, the skills you learn from Truth2Lies training will make a significant difference for you and your agency!

This is the training that every investigator should have! 


The Getting to The Truth class will teach you how to Get into the Mind of your suspects and others and expose the critical information they don’t want you to know. We will teach you how to identify truthful language and the psychological commitment behind it.  This is valuable not only for the interview, but critical in any type of threat assessment.  

This class will also teach you how to recognize deception and stress related sensitivity within the language and how to use it to your advantage. Those that attend this class will learn skills that are not taught anywhere else. Veteran detectives lament that they wish they had learned these skills earlier!

Truth2Lies Training is cutting edge information not taught in other interview or investigative courses.  It is effectively being used by thousands of investigators every day and it will significantly enhance your interview and investigative skills. Using the subject’s own words, you will know what is going on inside their mind, where to focus your interview questions, obtain critical information, and how to exploit their stress, weaknesses, and sensitivity for more confessions.  We will teach you how to word your interview questions in a way that is non-confrontational yet exposes the stress of the subject being interviewed. These techniques can be used from the 911 call, throughout the investigation and into the interview. 


This class will teach you how to:

  • Identify weak¬†sensitivity¬†in the language, why it is important, and how to exploit it.
  • Recognize when you are being told the truth.¬†
  • Identify what part of their language is deceptive and how to articulate it.
  • Recognize where critical information was left out ‚Äď most miss this! ¬†
  • Focus interview questions based on psychological¬†weakness,¬†distancing,¬†and¬†stress related sensitivity.¬†
  • Recognize the critical information your subject has¬†unknowingly¬†revealed.
  • Understand if their denial is reliable or perhaps not a denial at all.
  • Laser focus your investigation and obtain a quicker case resolution.
  • Expose the information your suspects think they are hiding from you!
  • Use your suspects‚Äô own words and stress to obtain admissions and confessions.

This class is CFE and POST approved in multiple states. Workbook/Manual and certificate included.