What others are saying about Truth2Lies training.

This course is a game-changer for investigations and in life. If you seek truth in any capacity, this material is a must-have. It will reduce the investigation process, provide confidence to the investigator, and most importantly, it will find the truth. The instruction, material, and content were phenomenal.”

Lt. K. Scott. 
- Internal Affairs

In my 22 years as a police officer, I haven’t had a training class this useful.  I wish I would have known about Statement Profiling earlier in my career.  I think of how much better my investigations could have been with this information…"


  Sgt. Steven M. 
- Phoenix PD

This training was eye-opening. To break down statements and notice what is hiding within, is powerful! I am amazed! This training has changed how I will interview in the future!

Sr. Inspector Chuck R. - United States Marshals Service

“This class blew my mind.  It was like discovering a fourth dimension to the English language.  I had no idea how much I did not know.  What a revelation.  Now I can articulate things I barley even began to pick up on in interviews before this class.”

 Officer H. Kennedy

I recommend Steve Johnson of Veritas Investigative Analysis for excellence in training Statement Analysis, Deception Detection and Handwriting Analysis.

As a deception expert, he runs at 100% accuracy in detecting deception, while using both linguistic profiling and hand writing analysis to confirm his findings and guide the investigation process. His work ranges from detecting deception to threat assessment, to the ability to identify an anonymous letter’s author.

Mr. Johnson is a successful and certified analyst who brings not only years of experience, but is also a naturally gifted instructor. His easy demeanor and ability to anticipate investigators’ questions combined with the logical break down of complicated information ensures learning success.

His teaching is best for law enforcement professionals, but also invaluable for businesses in the private sector, including Employment Analysis Screening for new hires.

Mr. Johnson’s commitment to excellence makes him a valued and respected colleague. His enthusiasm for instruction is only rivaled by his desire to continue professional development. Each department that enrolls in his training or seeks his services, will greatly benefit.”

— Peter Hyatt, Hyatt Analysis Services

This is such a valuable tool, I wish I would have learned it sooner! Every investigator should be trained in this. It was the best training I’ve received in my career.”

 -Det. M. Corfits,  – Special Victims Unit

This was hands down one of the most beneficial classes in my 24 years on the job. The class was nonstop educational and very informative. My only regret is that this wasn’t offered earlier in my career!”                                                       

Sgt. S. McCauley - Professional Standards Bureau

“This is a great eye opener as to the different ways we overlook the subconscious clues given on roadside interviews.”

Trooper G. Andersen – DPS

I’ve had a 25 year career full of training and this is by far at the top of the list of the best.  I’ve been using it since the class, and it is definitely a game changer!  Thank you!

State Internal Investigator

"One of the best courses of my career, it left me wanting more.  I’m using this with every case I work on…"

Violent Crimes Detective

In my wildest dreams as a police officer could I imagine the amount of information one could glean from a statement or video interview. It was a total eye opener!!! Thank you, very much, for the tools you gave me!!

Montana School Resource Officer

“The statement analysis skills I have learned from Truth2Lies far surpasses any other training I have received. The ability to apply each of the skills directly cases is invaluable and has directly assisted in analyzing difficult and cold cases. I only wish I would have been able to take these courses and learn these skills earlier. I highly recommend Truth2Lies for anyone in law enforcement, case analysis, or human resources.”

 K. Robinson

“The Truth2Lies advanced monthly training has made a powerful impact on my work as a mental health therapist.  One recent example is that of a client who returned a book to me with a short note explaining why they were taking a break from therapy.  If I hadn’t been involved in this training, the note would not have caught my attention the way it did.  I began to analyze the note and then I recognized my client’s language revealed they were never coming back; they had given up.  I was then able to intervene in a planned suicide, which saved my client’s life. People tell the truth; you just need to know how to listen. I am grateful beyond words for this training, which has taught me to listen differently.”

         Mental Health Therapist

This training is the best law enforcement related training I have attended in my 21 years of police work. It should be required training! …I have used the skills many times in basic patrol investigations and even in my current traffic assignment. Steve Johnson does an excellent job of teaching how to apply the techniques of this invaluable skill of detecting deception and profiling.

 Officer G. Pearsall


This training takes you to a deeper level in detecting deception through verbal and written statements. Learning how to reveal one’s personality profile by what they say and write is not only insightful but exciting. You will benefit immensely from taking this course.

 C. Sartor, Criminal Investigator