What We Do

Providing excellent training is what we love to do and is our focus. We guarantee our classes will be among the best of your career. Not only will it be the best, but the skills you learn will be among the most useful in your professional and personal life.

“This was hands down one of the most beneficial classes in my 24 years on the job. The class was nonstop educational and very informative. My only regret is that this wasn’t offered earlier in my career!”

- Sgt. McCauley - Professional Standards Bureau

Do you want to up your game?

The Statement Profiling techniques we teach will get you to the truth, and help you recognize the information you have previously been missing. All our classes are packed with the information you need to give you the edge and taught in a way you can apply immediately.   

In addition to the classes we have listed, we offer specialized interviewing classes on a limited basis.  

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Online Courses

Our signature online course Getting To the Truth contains all the information you would receive if you were sitting in the live class. Since it was filmed in a live setting, it has the feel of being in the live classroom!  We also added some video filmed in studio.  We've loaded this course with cutting edge information and we even threw in a little extra bonus!

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Live Classes

Our live classes are packed with cutting edge techniques and taught in a fun and engaging way.  Hundreds of investigators have stated the class was the best of their careers! We guarantee our training will be one of the best classes you ever attended!  

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Consulting Services

We assist criminal and corporate investigators as well as legal entities with current and cold cases. Contact us to find out how we can help you.