Take the first step toward linguistic clarity.

"It's as if I could peer inside their brain"



This is the 4-hour basic course that will teach you the essential principles to profile what others are speaking or writing. It contains real life examples from police files, as well as the Chris Watts and Jussie Smollett interviews.

Here is just some of what you will learn in this course:

  • How our brains deal with deception and what the brain's default setting is.
  • It is easier to commit the crime than it is to lie about it.
  • Our goal is obtaining a deep understanding of what is going on in their brain, that made them use the words they did, at the time they did.  
  • Overcoming our flawed listening habits... the perfect environment for deception. 
  • Invisible, instinctive words...we gloss right over them. 
  • Biases - they can influence even the best of us!
  • Recognizing the information hiding in plain sight.
  • Sensitivity and critically withheld information.
  • People will lie, but the pronouns always tell the truth!
Imagine what a difference it will make in your life to recognize deception when you hear it.  
This course provides you with the essential elements you need to avoid being deceived.

Meet Steve Johnson - Lead Trainer.
Steve has over 33 years’ experience investigating and consulting on criminal cases. He is a Certified Statement Analyst, with expertise in identifying deception, latent content, and the psychological profile in verbal and written statements. Steve’s career expertise was interview - interrogation, and behavioral profiling.
Steve has been rated as a master instructor and he loves teaching the principles and techniques to anyone wanting to improve their game.
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