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Getting To The Truth course is one of the most fascinating, fun and can't get enough of training courses you will ever take. Although our classes have been geared toward criminal investigators, they are very applicable to everyone. 

You will find the principles apply to true crime enthusiasts as much as they do to professional investigators.  In other words, they apply to everyone that communicates with other people!  Whether you are talking with a suspect, client, business associate, employment applicant, or your teenager, the contents of this course will make a remarkable difference.       

You will come away understanding how to recognize truth from deception in verbal and written statements, 911 calls, video interviews, news clips, emails and much more.

Our online course contains all the information you would receive if you were sitting in the live class, which is predominantly taught to criminal and other professional investigators.  The current course is a mixture of video filmed during a recent live event, and video filmed in studio. This course is packed with awesome content that is effective and easy to use.  We have also added some bonus material from the Lori Vallow case!

If you were sitting in the class, it would take three days.  With the online class, you can go at your own pace. 

This class goes much deeper than detecting deception!  You will be taught how to identify latent content; the information hiding in plain sight that they didn’t intend to reveal.  This class contains the most updated and effective ways of detecting deception and latent content.

This class also dives into the psycho-linguistics; showing you how to recognize the subject's major personality and character traits.

For professional investigators, this class will enhance your interview and interrogation skills and quickly streamline your investigations. 

This course is the foundation for the most successful interview technique; removing the guess work from the interview and recognizing if and how deception is present.

Using the subject’s own words, you will be able to laser focus your interview questions, obtain more information, and more confessions.

If you hire employees or screen applicants for just about any scenario, these skills will give you the upper hand.

 The principles and techniques taught in this class will be solidified with examples and practical exercises from real cases.

 This course will give you the tools to Get to The Truth.  You will recognize critical information that you have previously been missing; critical information hiding in plain sight!

We’re confident you will find this course is the best Statement Profiling course out there.

 You will be taught the psychological and linguistic principles behind the subject’s chosen words.

  • Know if the language based on experiential memory.
  • Know if, and when the subject is psychologically in their own statement, and when they are not.
  • Know the difference between Reliable and Un-reliable denials.
  • Learn the many ways deception is presented, and how you have unknowingly allowed it.  

From the subject’s own words:

  • Recognize where they purposely skipped over information within their language.
  • Obtain information the subject has unknowingly revealed.
  • Identify what part of the language is seemingly unnecessary and why it is so important.
  • Recognize how the subject is revealing where to focus your interview questions and where to focus your investigation. 
  • Recognize major personality traits revealed in the subject’s words.
  • Much more…!

 Course syllabus is available upon request for POST and other certifications.






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