Statement Analyst Proficiency Training

Pre-requisite:  Truth2Lies Getting to The Truth 3-day live class or online course (or equivalent training.) 

This program will engage the participant until they are proficient in getting to the truth behind the words. This includes detecting deception from veracity and recognizing the latent content within the language.

“The monthly proficiency training is highly beneficial…it takes you to a deeper level! Learning to reveal one’s personality profile by what they say and write is insightful and exciting. You will benefit immensely from taking this course.”

Casie S. - Criminal Investigator

A skilled Statement Analyst is an invaluable asset to any organization!

The monthly engagement will increase your skills and confidence to apply your expertise.  This skill is invaluable to:

  • All types of investigations
  • Interview & interrogations
  • Vetting employment applicants
  • Business dealings
  • Legal case work
  • Relationships
  • and numerous other applications

This program is designed to engage the participant in continuous practical application until they are proficient, and then to maintain that proficiency.

Access to the Truth2Lies membership community is a huge benefit to this program.  Between training sessions, you have access to some of the brightest analytical and investigative minds.  Team members help solve cases and provide input to posts on the community page. 

The pre-requisite Truth2Lies Getting to The Truth 3-day course, online or in-person (or equivalent training) is required.

Participants may enroll in the Proficiency Training Program at any time and have immediate access to the Team Room.  The group participation is a mastermind type environment where all benefit from each other and progress at an excelled rate.

Participants will have access to the recordings of all monthly training sessions for one full year.

Proficiency Training Program Includes:

  • Monthly online group training
  • 5-hour monthly sessions
  • Each training session is video recorded and viewable for one full year!
  • Access to the Truth2Lies Team Room, a forum that gives you the ability to learn and rub shoulders with some of the brightest investigative and analytical minds. 

Only $47 per month.  Discount offered to Law Enforcement and Military.

(Certification is available on a limited basis.  Inquire if interested.)

Become a Skilled Statement Analyst

Monthly course work while working directly with our Trainers via virtual meeting software. 

Apply today for the Statement Analyst Proficiency Training

There are a limited number of spaces available.  All applicants will be vetted prior to admission.  Due to the sensitive nature of some of the course work, Truth2Lies Analysis Group LLC reserves the right to refuse admission at their sole discretion.


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The Truth2Lies advanced monthly training has made a powerful impact on my work as a mental health therapist. One recent example is that of a client who returned a book to me with a short note explaining why they were taking a break from therapy. If I hadn’t been involved in this training, the note would not have caught my attention the way it did. I began to analyze the note and then I recognized my client’s language revealed they were never coming back; they had given up. I was then able to intervene in a planned suicide, which saved my client’s life. People tell the truth; you just have to know how to listen. I am grateful beyond words for this training, which has taught me to listen differently.

Mental Health Therapist - California

The skill of detecting deception is the single greatest law enforcement tool I have gained in my career to date, which is why I signed up for the advanced monthly training course. “One and Done” training like every other course I have taken is not enough to develop this insanely important skill. The monthly classes allows me to continually refresh, reapply, and reinforce the information, which is the key to performance. Another valuable aspect of the course is that it allows for collaboration with about thirty other people. Not only are they more talented than myself, but they provide numerous invaluable perspectives that I would not have without this group. I highly recommend the advanced course as it is the only way to develop this skill set.

Detective Jason, LPD