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The Most Effective Method of Getting The Truth!

The Getting to the Truth class qualifies for CFE and POST credit!


Getting To The Truth

Our signature Getting To The Truth course is fascinatingfun and one of the can't get enough of training courses you will ever take.  This course contains all the information found in the basic Essentials course, plus much more on a deeper level.

This is the same class we teach to criminal investigators.  Most of this course was filmed in front of an audience of criminal investigators during a 3-day class. You benefit from the classroom dynamic!

The principles taught in this course apply to true crime enthusiasts as much as they do to law enforcement, professional investigators, and human resource professionals.  In short, they apply to everyone!  

Whether you are talking with a suspect, client, business associate, employment applicant, or your teenager, the contents of this course will make a remarkable difference.

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The Basic Essentials of Getting to The Truth

This 4-hour intro course you will teach you essential principles you need to detect deception.

It contains real life examples from police files, as well as the Chris Watts and Jussie Smollett interviews.

As one student stated, "It's as if I could peer inside their brain..."

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Hands Down The Best Training!

I’ve taken some excellent classes during my career, but Hands-down this is the best!

I’ve served in law enforcement for over 30 years, and I have prior experience and training in Linguistic Statement Analysis.  I found the Truth2Lies training to be the single greatest asset to my work as an Investigator. Truth2Lies goes beyond the others. They provide clear and effective methods for getting to the truth quickly in the investigation. This class takes the guess work out of the interview, utilizing cutting edge techniques to acquire solid, indisputable admissions and confessions.

R. Smith - Federal Investigator